4-year-old: Why does the dog pee on stuff?

Me: It’s like writing his name on it.

4: So I-


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People need to quit hating on women that breastfeed in public. I’m allowed to raise my cat however I want.


Anyone that says 100kg of feathers weighs the same as 100kg of steel hasn’t considered the additional weight of having to live with knowing what you did in order to procure 100kg of feathers.


I cringe when teens brag about taking girls to pound town because adopting a puppy together is a huge responsibility.


Don’t worry about video games causing violence. That would require leaving the couch and interacting with reality.


*throws a dead pigeon at jerk who cut me off in traffic*

Wife: Hun, I don’t think “flipping the bird” means what you think it means.


i was just roughed up by a hipster bully. he gave me a knuckle sandwich, but also offered a gluten free alternative


I broke up with my boyfriend. He was such a jerk. What a goat!

-Don’t you mean pig?

No. He tried to eat my couch!


my mother, staring down at my open casket: is that what you’re wearing


Starting a diet is a lot like starting a lawn mower, you struggle and sweat and end up on the couch eating ice cream with your shirt off.