7 thoughts u have when buzfeed steals ur content

-why is a multimilion dollar website riping off my twiter

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Writing historical fiction is so benignly chaotic, like I’m in the middle of composing an intense, heartfelt, philosophical scene then suddenly I have to open a new tab for “when were towels invented”


Apparently the maximum number of times you can keep getting back in line for Communion wafers is 4.


Scientists say that dinosaurs and humans didn’t coexist but the makers of The Flintstones clearly dispute this so I’m not sure.


Sardine Wife: “What’s wrong?”
Sardine Husband: “I just need some space, Linda.”


Criminal Tip:

Buy a gun from a guy off the streets.

As soon as he sells it to you, point it at him & get your $$ back.

Free gun.


Me : It’s over & nothing you say will make me change my mind

Him : ‘I just ordered a large thin crust’

Me : Be there in 10 min


It was so cold UN weapons inspectors suddenly decided that chemical weapons might be hidden in Hawaii


me: how did you get ink all over your skirt?
wife: oh umm, the printer at work exploded
dave the squid: [in the closet] just tell him about us