A woman could tweet “My dog just died” and she would get replies like “Well, I’m not dead ;)”

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My kids used to love the voice characters I’ve created while reading their favorite bedtime stories.

My wife during our sexy time does not.


[the last supper]
Waiter: ok, your bill comes to 30 pieces of silver
Judas: I got this


DNA doesn’t make you a parent. Stepping on a lego guy on your way to the bathroom at 3 am does


Just burned 2000 calories trying to avoid someone I know at the grocery store.


No thanks, 28 yr old hitting on me at the bar… With our age difference, I wouldn’t be a cougar… more like a saber-toothed tiger.


Superhero movie idea: the Avengers have to fight the evil Dr. Zoom, who traps innocent people in useless, back to back Zoom meetings.


Doctor: How long has this been bothering you?

Women: It started after work 2 days ago at 7pm.

Men: I think it started in the 90’s.


Me: in a parallel world I am a huge success

Medic: please stop moving your arm so we can get it out of the vending machine


Jenga, but it’s just me, pulling salad out of my sandwich.


BOSS: I’m sorry I just don’t trust your judgment.
ME: [trying to pick up glass of water with both fists wedged in Pringles tubes] explain..