And The Bro saith unto them,
Follow me to the club,
and I will make you fishers of women.

Bromans 4:19

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It’s kill or be killed. Or eat a sandwich. Maybe go for a light jog. Draw a picture of a duck. There are a lot of options out there.


Carol from Facebook said she’s “taking it one day at a time,” so I responded “me too. That’s how days work.”


I load up my Volkswagen Beetle just like anyone else: one clown at a time.


I’m slightly concerned my answer for everything is masturbation. Can’t sleep? Masturbate. Poor? Masturbate. Lost the remote? Go for it.


Man, the way these journalists are complaining it’s like they only went to Sochi to use doorknobs and go poop.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re all horrible sinners and you’re going to hell.


I wonder if black ants and red ants have beef. I never see them chilling together. Ever.


After weeks of late night cheese benders…Brenda couldn’t help but wonder…where did it all go wrong


Ladies, when a creepy guy asks for your # and hands u his phone, text REDCROSS to 90999 so he’ll donate $10 to Disaster Relief.


They say genius skips a generation.In our case it fell off our family tree and died.