*burst into doctor’s office*
ME: I’m no longer canstopetid
DOCTOR: You mean constipated
ME: No I’ve had a vowel movement
DOCTOR: Get out

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Cats always land on their feet & bread always lands butter down, but spread butter on the cat’s back & everyone wonders why you’re naked.


[Scientific Conference]
Scientist 1: So science?
Scientist 2: *nodding* Science.


Surprised to hear five people were shot at a Chris Brown show, most notably because why were there that many people at a Chris Brown show?


Cats love it when you give them a mohawk


Sometimes I think I’m in love with the woman who drops off the Amazon packages, and sometimes I realize I’m having a Pavlovian response.


Her: How does she always know we’re taking her to the vet?
Him: I don’t know. Keep looking.


Your body is like Wonderbread…
Your body is a Rubberband…
Your body is like Disneyland…

John Mayer first drafts.


[sees fly]
Hmm… I think I’ll name this creature “Fly.”
[sees bird]


(At a funeral)
Im so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose something you love. Last year Taylor Swift took her music off Spotify.