Clearly my autocorrect has ship to say

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I eat something every 29 minutes just to ensure no one can ever make me go swimming.


A bird in the hand is worth nothing. Birds are not an acceptable form of currency.


[angrily taking off banana suit] “Why didn’t you tell me we were going to a funeral”


Here at the Southern Cannibal Buffet, it’s y’all you can eat!™️


A teacher is always just one loud fart away from losing control of a classroom.


I refuse to have sex with a condom. Last time I had sex with a condom, the condom never called me again.


I lost a good friend today, he asked me to pick up some non-alcoholic beer.


Nicholas Cage was only good in FaceOff because he was played by John Travolta.


Carp we hit an iceberg!
What am I herring? This scampi true!
Whale I squid you not
Oh cod I can’t die
Waterboat me? You’re so shellfish