[concert venue]
Manager: Start the fog machine!
Me: *gulps* Fog?
*hundreds of frogs start falling on crowd

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Isn’t anyone here that can fake a football convo like me:

“He’s showing signs of improving”

“He’s a beast”

“He just has to keep those interceptions low”

“It’s been a wild season”

“Yeah they’re so stacked”

“Yeah that offensive line”

Lol I don’t know shit about football.


*brings a laser pointer to the Broadway showing of Cats and creates utter mayhem*


Finding a guy to marry who is rich enough to pay off my debt, but not so rich he wants a prenup is, like, so much harder than I anticipated.


BREAKING: Pot calls kettle “black”. “Racial tension at boiling point” says mayor of kitchen cupboard


Man reading a book: hot

Man with a baby: hot

Man reading a book to a baby: hold me back my ovaries have exploded.


This is nice.
This is also pretty cool.
*lays down*
Oh okay this is my favorite.


BARTENDER: the usual?
ME: *nods*
*bartender hands me a shot glass full of chocolate chips*