Death hack: bury your loved ones with their fitness trackers for a low-cost early zombie alert system.

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Once, on Twitter, I followed a woman & she followed me back & we laughed & talked about life & how she was a man from Brooklyn…


Vegetables: “We need to be stored in special conditions with ideal humidity and temperature.”



Murderer: What are you in for?

Her: Licking ice cream.

Murderer: That had better be a euphemism.


I put my baby picture as my what’s app picture and my mum called me to ask who that was ¿


Yesterday’s me was confident enough to pack a bikini. Today’s me now has to live with that poor decision.


have a nail gun and some boards laying around? show him you love him by adding some attractive wood paneling to his car


Justin Bieber breaks up with Selena Gomez… the same week Black Ops 2 comes out? Good call Justin.