Enforcer: Kids don’t get kneecaps until age 6.

Baby loan shark: Well crap. How am I supposed to get my money out of the little snots?

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I once sat down with Oprah to discuss my drug use but I was high & that might not have been Oprah because why did she need to borrow money?


Urban Outfitters: the most expensive way to look poor.


It’s called a “Monte Cristo” sandwich because one day it will return disguised as another sandwich & seek its revenge


If you love a balloon, set it free. If it comes back to you, it probably wasn’t a balloon.


I hate hipsters. Their smug faces, vegan diet, tiny feet & sawdust bedding. No wait. Hamsters. I hate hamsters.


What is this special type of waffle called a “Tennis racket” and why does it taste like metal wires?


If you see a hot girl walking you should honk your horn to let her know you’re intrested and afraid to talk to girls.


Some say cheetahs are the fastest animal at 60 mph. Not true. Dogs have been clocked at 18,000 mph when the Soviets launched one into space.


Women say they want a guy who can make them laugh. I’d probably have done better if they’d specified that they didn’t mean by tickling.


I peed on my neighbors shrubs one time and he installs cameras, one time.