Fence is falling down, house paint is peeling, and deck has a bunch of splinters, so time for me to convince some idiot kid I know karate.

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I just returned from a long trip and tossed my suitcase on the floor of my room, so I won’t see those clothes again for several months.


My husband walked into the kitchen and asked, “What’s burning?” I told him, “The world. But what you smell is the chicken.”


me: you ever get so sad you want to build a doomsday device and just destroy the planet so you won’t be sad anymore and neither will anyone else?

court-appointed therapist: again, no and that’s exactly why you’re here


A Jehovah’s Witness followed me.

I think I’ll send him a lot of unsolicited DMs with knock-knock jokes…


I asked the cashier if she could validate my parking. “You park real good,” she said.


Teacher: you can be anything you want
Me: Beyonce
Her: well, not that
(we stare at each other blankly for 17 min…)
Me: Hi I’m Beyonce


Only just finding out about a past glitch in Sims 4 where your pet can text you.


Seeing a lot of Facebook posts about kids going to school but not seeing any follow ups about them coming home, what in the damn hell is going on


TV: Are you prepared for an earthquake?

*thinks about the 175 Hot Pockets in the freezer*

Me: Yes.


So nice of the Oscars to give this tribute to Selma then not nominate it for anything