Good news, guys. According to WebMD, I only have mild rabies or possibly demonic possession.

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If cops used t-shirt guns instead of handguns they wouldn’t even need to tell criminals to put their hands up.


HER: I think we should see other people.

ME: I don’t. We’re awful. We should leave other people alone.


[goes to museum of fine art]
“Just how fine can this art be, anyway”
[sees a vase in a thong]
“oh damn”


(Creating Atheists)

God: Make some humans Sciencey

Angel: Will they believe in you?

God: No, but they’ll be so surprised when we meet!


Him: You need to work on your communication skills

Me: [through megaphone right up in his face] PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC


My doctor won’t go away. I know what you’re thinking but he has been eating small pieces of apple over many decades to build up an immunity.


*goes to Walmart*

*goes to Target*

*flies across world*

*takes train*

*rides in car*

*hikes highest mountain*

*gets to Guru*

Me: Where do I find the 3rd item on this school supply list?


[hearing burglar noises downstairs, my dog and I exchange worried glances]

Dog: I guess I could protect you?

Me: dude you’ve been in one fight in your life and that was with a blanket


Avoid unwanted pregnancies by using the “pull out” method where you pull out an acoustic guitar at a party & no one will have sex with you.