How do I like my eggs? Umm in a cake.

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My 5yo is a pretty good drawer but there’s only so many t-shirts you can fit into a tiny person.


I’m going to make a secret pornography organization called The Illuminaughty.


It might look like I’m doing nothing, but at the cellular level I’m quite busy.


I like to make a guy feel welcome in the morning by surrounding him with stuffed animals while he sleeps.


Me: *puts six steaks on the grill*

Wife: Don’t you think that’s too much? It’s just us and the kids.

Me: Wait, you guys are eating, too?


My wife: Tell me your wildest fantasy.
Me: Clamping my dentist’s tongue with forceps and shining a bright light in his eyes while I ask him about his ski vacation.


Stomach: Every time you eat, we get sick.
Brain: Hmm. I know what would make us feel better.
Stomach: No-


What’s the best way to dispose of a dead body? Was asking for a friend, but he was being a whiny shit about it, so now I’m asking for me.