How many times should you try starting your snowblower before you realize it’s not going to start? According to my neighbor it’s 458 times.

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My wife and I are walking through Central Park and pointing out all of the places that we remember seeing dead bodies on Law & Order.


Interviewer: “What’s your greatest accomplishment?”

Me: “I was in a lot of people’s MySpace Top 8s back in 2004.”


‘You’ll go to hell for that joke’

*in Hell

Me: What did you do?
Hitler: Genocide, what did you do?
Me: Dunno tweeted a joke


[tree falls in forest]

[doesnt make a sound]


TREE: oh shit uhh AAHHHH I have fallen and I can’t get up aaahhh


Anyone on Twitter, to me: no way are you 46!

Me: Mate. They’re called filters. My real face looks like it slept on a bad pillow.


[5 minutes after being trapped in an elevator]
Finally, an excuse to drink my own urine


A 5-year-old just asked me if I’d ever heard of algae. You bet I have you little weirdo!


Guess who doesn’t want to hear your kid sing? Everyone. The answer is everyone, so stop it.


ME: Why does my stomach hurt?
WebMD: Because of that Ouija board you messed with in the fourth grade, probably.