I bought a Christmas tree today. The guy asked me if I was going to put it up myself.I said, “No, I’ll probably put it in the living room.”

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The loudness of the sound made by setting a plate in the sink is directly proportional to the number of sleeping people you are trying not to wake.


“Dad, can I go to the renaissance festival?”

ME: No, you’re still grounded

“No fair!”

ME: Yes, that’s what I said


What was a common name in the Middle Ages? I heard people named their kids Lance a lot


Give a man a fish and he’ll go to McDonald’s instead.

Teach a man to fish and nope, still McDonald’s


My 3-year-old said she wants her first car to be a garbage truck. She’ll forget about it, but I’m still getting her one when she turns 16.


I don’t understand why you guys complain about never being able to finish a tube of chapstick, it usually only takes me 2 or 3 bites.


I’m baking and got molasses on my hand. This is it. I’ll be stuck to something for good in 5 mins. This is how I will die.