I can’t believe how different life was before


Al Gore invented the Internet

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My dog reacts to the vacuum cleaner the same way I react when my wife says “We need to talk”.


Exits public bathroom stall

Makes eye contact with the person next in line

Mouths: “I’m so sorry”


Maybe if I tilt my head to the side I can understand english ~dogs


i replaced babies in these pictures with hotdogs to show america what really matters


Jurassic World: A generically modified smart 50 ft monster has turned violent and this, for some reason, took people by surprise.


Went on a trampoline with my 1 year old and learned that if you jump JUST right it unfortunately turns into a baby catapult.


That moment 4yo becomes a better negotiator than you.

4: “Can I have one?”


4: “Okay just 2.”


4: “Alright. 3 and I won’t ask again.”


In an attempt to build some exercise into my daily routine, I’ve put the biscuits on a higher shelf. Boy, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.


At the state fair I realized none of my troubles matter when you dip them in batter