I don’t normally cook. How much vodka do you add to the mashed potatoes?

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Me: So, where are you from?

Her: I’m from Canada.

Me: Wow, your English is great!



“All I have is this $5 grandma gave me on my birthday”

[mugger pulls off mask revealing grandma]


My 12 year old sent me an email asking permission to spend a no school day at a friend’s house. I wish I could post the whole thing but I’ll just share the introductory paragraph.


BOSS: This is hard to say…we need to make cutbacks

ME: What’s so hard? “We need to make cutbacks” See? Piece of cake

BOSS: Getting easier


My 6-year-old broke his brother’s favorite toy. He asked me what to say to him. Sensing a teachable moment, I looked him in the eye, told him to go to his brother & say, “Mama has something to tell you.”


Save money this Halloween by utilizing last years’ hobo costume to dress up as this year’s federal employee.


[my first attempt at standup]

ME: So, I was at the gym the other day…

MY STALKER (from the back): lol no you weren’t