I find it creepy when I am walking my dog and a passersby want to know if its a boy or girl. Why?? I’m not letting you have sex with my dog.

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Crazy how I started out my life wanting to be Bart Simpson and ended up Millhouse’s dad


There’s 3 ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone or forbid your kids to do it.


“Get me some ice cream, I gave blood today”
Him: “You can’t say that every month!”
{Clutches ovaries} “GASP”


I finally got my first interview since moving to the US. Almost able to say something more romantic to the GF than “you’re out of batteries”


Me in my 20s: [faking it till I make it]

Me in my 30s: [still faking it till I make it]

Me on my deathbed: ANY day now


Me: Hello, my name is Vikki and I’m an alcoholic.
Operator: Ma’am, this is AAA.
Me: I know. I’m an alcoholic and now my car is in a ditch.


When a squirrel runs on the road then turns around quickly is it because he thinks he left his little squirrel iron on?


HUSBAND 911: what your emergency?

ME: my wife hears everything

HUSBAND 911: do I?

ME: what?

HUSBAND 911: what?


Girl: So, your dating profile says you enjoy long walks by the sea & making ur own wine?
Jesus: ON
Girl: What?
Jesus: Long walks ON the sea