I hate babies when they are crying. I hate people who love babies & think babies are cute. I hate grown up babies who make more babies.

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A squiggly red line should appear under people who are wrong for you


Niece: I like math
M: 5 X 1?
N: 5
M: *takes out phone* right
N:You’re using your phone?
M: I got a text
N: I didnt hear a sound

*runs away*


My dog will literally sneeze in my face, but if I dare sneeze in the same room as him, he looks at me like I’ve offended him and 4 generations of his ancestors


The five second rule doesn’t apply to babies. You can pick them up anytime after dropping.



you’re tall for a woman

[she gets real mad right here]

*place hand on hers*

but the perfect height for an angel


[McDonald’s drive thru]

ME: i’d like a happy meal with a coke

HIM: will that be a regular coke or an eight ball?


What’s it called when you’re anxious enough to be a Helicopter Mom, but really, really lazy? A Blimp Mom? Yeah, I’m that.


6: can i have ice cream?
Me: ur room clean?
6: if I clean it can I have ice cream?
M: sure
6:*looks at room* thats ok I dont need ice cream