I told my son that I hoped he was enjoying the bagel he was eating because I had to go to 5 stores to find cream cheese and he said, “Don’t you mean that you went to five stores because you kept forgetting to pick it up?”

So I guess he likes the taste of dry bagels.

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**You’re through to 911, dial 1 for human cops, dial 2 for lobster cops**
[smashes 2 frantically while crayfish tries to break down my door]


Picnic ruined by underwhelming potato salad (and Fire ants).


ALBUS: It’s a Time-Turner! We can travel back in time and change ANYTHING.
SNAPE: That’s amazing. We can save-
ALBUS: Nah, gave it to a kid.


[commenting under wife’s facebook status where she thanks everyone for coming to our son’s bday party] do we have any mustard?


*knuckle tats*

( S | H | H | H) ( H | H | H | H )

(I’m a librarian)


Girls greet each other normally the way I’d act if I saw a friend who I thought was dead.


If you see a man running down the street tonight, blowing a whistle & wearing a life guard shirt…don’t worry, I’m just chasing my dream.


Me: Santa, why are women so scary?

Santa: dude come on, I make $8.50 an hour, get off me.


[5 hours into assembling a new bed for my kid] you’ll get used to sleeping on the floor in no time at all