I wish I had a little robot companion that put his arm out and shook his head at people who tried to talk to me before lunch.

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Therapist: So what happened in your last relationship?

I lost him to addiction.

Therapist: I’m so sorry. Drugs?

Yes please.


[commercial for Facebook]
*man sits in tree, watching friends from high school through binoculars*
“Don’t you wish there were a better way?”


Hubs and I have fought so much lately I’ve lost 10 lbs. I thought about leaving him, but I’d like to lose another 10 lbs first.


We don’t have Taco Bell in South Africa because this country’s been through too much already.


71-yr-old Jimmy Page is dating a 25-yr-old. The age difference may seem huge now, but it won’t be as big a deal when she’s 28 and he’s dead.


guy: my dog just died

girl who studied abroad: wow that reminds of this one time in Europe i saw a dog


Do women who complain about never getting laid know about men?


One of my co-workers just called the elevator a “vator”. Anyways, long story short, this is my one phone call…


4yo: *shoots me with gun*
*stuffs gun in my pocket*
*runs away*
Me: *Realizes he just made it look like a suicide*
*keeping an eye on him*