I would never cheat in a relationship
because that would require two people finding me attractive.

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I followed a guy because of one cleverly written tweet, but everything since then has been drivel. Now I know how people who follow me feel.


As a husband and father, it troubles me that prisoners are still being given time in solitary confinement when I would gladly pay for some.


I’m opening a funeral home that has a bar in it. I know right?


If Usher ever worked in a theater, his nametag could be “Usher Usher.” I’m sorry for that joke but I’m actually addicted to the send button.


Just found out my girlfriend cheated on me, but I got her back by sleeping with her best friend. “That’s right, I fucked Gary you whore!!


Life can change in an instant. Hug the people you love, and appreciate what you have, before it’s gone.


A hooker once showed me her dollar menu. Her meat actually did resemble McDonald’s.


In elementary I got all the chicks because my box of crayons had a built-in sharpener. Been on a dry spell ever since. Just me & my crayons.