If you don’t open your mouth when you yawn, you’re a monster. I’m serious. Let that demon go. You’re freaking everybody out.

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My 4 year old is handing me one grape to wash at a time so breakfast should be served around midnight.


A puppy can stab a girl in the face then steal her bag & she’d still be like, “Awwww a puppy.”


They say milk is good for your teeth..you know what else is good for your teeth..minding your own damn buisness


Synonym rolls all look different but taste the same


My Phone autocorrected “wish you were here” to “wish you were beer” and I sent it anyways


hey it’s me, the girl who just googled “chemistry alphabet” when i meant “periodic table”


Irritating friend: I passed your house yesterday.
Me: Thanks. I really appreciate that.


You think your day was bad? I just had a 15 minute long argument with a couch cushion.


I wish I could fall as gracefully as a winter coat slinking off the back of a chair.


New healthcare plan in case Obamacare is defunded: the entire country pays for hospital bills by cooking meth.