If you want to keep a secret from me, write it down and send it to me as a Facebook event invitation.

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Let’s name him something that will make children smile

“How about Santa?”

Ok but let’s add something fierce so they are afraid to defy him


Wow, the CIA making jokes on Twitter shows they’re just as human as any other bunch of guys who kidnap people and torture them in secret.


They say if you love something you should let it go, but I don’t think this pastrami sandwich will come back to me, so I’m just eating it.


*Paranormal Factivity*

[I walk into my bathroom]


[‘WHALES ARE ACTUALLY MAMMALS’ is written in blood on the mirror]


I always thought a chickpea was just when girls go to the bathroom in groups.


Boss: You were napping

Me: No I wasn’t

Boss: You drew eyes on Post-it notes & stuck them to your face

Me: Liar! *draws on angry eyebrows*


If Reincarnation ends up being real…

Those People who got “YOLO” tattoos are going to look… Pretty Silly


*Opening my window like a Disney princess to greet neighbors who are angrily throwing tomatoes*


Cop: License and registration please.

Me: Give me a second, I’m drunk.

Cop: Sir, have you been drinking?

Me: No.


I’m not ashamed to say that when I saw everyone was getting these new “selfie sticks” for Xmas I thought it was some new fantastic deodorant