i’ll have the chicken finger platter & my lovely wife will have
*hands over coupon
something of equal or lesser value

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Your baby’s got pink eye, bronchitis AND a double ear infection?

Are you even trying to keep him alive?


Fact: The purpose of waking up with hangovers when you’re young is to prepare you for how it feels to wake up when you’re old.


I smiled and waved at my neighbour so I bet the first thing she’ll do today is buy bedroom curtains.


Just had a marijuanapiphany:

Xbox 360.
360° is a circle.
A circle looks like a zero.
Xbox 360 = Xbox Zero.
What comes after zero?
Xbox One.


You drop ONE baby and everyone’s all like, “Quit juggling babies Steve. You’re the worst babysitter ever!”


Wife: How many beers is that for you today, dear?

Me: Like 4 maybe. 5 tops.

Wife: I counted 19.

Me: Well I rounded down.


COP: Anything you say can and will be used against you–
ME: Handcuff keys
COP (to his partner): Damn, this guy’s good


Our scariest president was probably Rushmore, because he had four heads


M: The boss left a memo on my desk again about how awesome I am.

H: You’re a stay-at-home mom.

M: Yes, which explains my handwriting.


“Bob’s here”
Bob from work or Bob THE HARBINGER OF DEATH
*an icy wind blows as black clouds consume the sky*
“Bob from work”
*clouds recede*