“I’m gonna make you so happy, baby. And then I’m gonna make you real sad.”

– gas station nachos

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GOD: [reviewing solar system] hmm… i’ll give it 5 stars
EARTH: [imediately starts screamig due to masive gravitational pull of 4 new stars]


Theres plenty of fish in the sea. Theres loads of trash at the dump. Theres tons of bones in a skeleton. Bugs are everywhere.


The most dangerous piece of machinery a person can operate while drinking is the telephone


[on the phone]
wife: My mom tripped over the dog
me: Is she ok?
wife: Yeah
me: Can I talk to her?
wife: Sure *calls for the dog*


Dear guy lighting bottle rocket fuses with a cigarette that’s still in your mouth,

You’re going as a pirate for Halloween.


Got food poisoning and the restaurant offered me a voucher for a free meal. You know, because they didn’t get me the first time.


Thanks for nothing autocorrect, I’m never gonna get chicks being a “homeless romantic”.