Is your GPS supposed to sigh before it says “Recalculating”?

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[Family Dinner]
Me: Grandma, please pass the updog.
Sister: *Pinches bridge of her nose*
Grandma: What’s updog?
Me: Not much, how about you?


5: mom! daddy is smoking a brisket in the kitchen!

me: daddy smokes meats outside in the smoker. If he’s in the kitchen, he’s burning a brisket


I’ve had no formal martial arts training, but I know for a fact the Power Rangers are wasting too much energy on unnecessary summersaults


How crazy is it that we used to say “three and a half inch floppy” with a straight face



What’s the magic word?

[Cut to them back at the station staring at a chalkboard with dozens of words crossed off]


If you’re hitting the gas every time she tries to open the passenger side door, remember, the 8th time is always the funniest.


I swear if I see one more person enter this WalMart wearing pajamas I am going to take the belt off my bathrobe and choke them with it


On the toilet for 20 minutes. Wish you were here.


Harry Potter: A Shortened Version

Voldemort: I must kill Harry Potter.

Everyone else: Lol, no.