It started with a star and ended with a restraining order.

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Heading to the dentist. I hope they’ve all taken their Valium and said their prayers.


ME: What are you watching?

WIFE: The Wheel Of Time.

ME: It’s called a clock, Sharon.

HER: Get out.


Until I had kids I didn’t realize that “bouncing off the walls” was actually a literal statement.


Oh, your pet loves you more than anyone else? No shit, if you controlled when I ate I’d be obsessed with you too.


[lost in Spain]
Wife: ask that man where we are
Me [pretending to speak Spanish with a local]: gracias
Wife: well?
Me: we are in Spain


Normalize hissing at people who stand too close to you in the checkout line.


The “free milkshakes for a month” contest I just won is telling me my month’s supply of shakes is 5 shakes. Yeah 5 should last me a month…


Want followers? Tweet something funny.

Can’t think of anything? Tweet something honest.

Can’t say anything honest or funny?

Try Facebook.


My husband ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. He’s told every other person on earth and I didn’t want y’all to be out of the loop.