It’s cute how I ordered 2 drinks and the bartender asked if I wanted to wait for the other person to be seated

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I’d get up off the couch today but Newton’s first law of motion says bodies at rest remain at rest and who am I to argue with physics


Judge: so your petition says irreconcilable differences

Me: yesterday he wore Nike shoes with Adidas socks

Judge: divorce granted


Gave our gerbil a piece of kale from the garden. Now it’s complaining about gluten and begging for its own little pair of Uggs.


Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: You pulled me over?
Me: I just stopped here cuz I thought of a tweet.


Hitting someone with overdraft fees is like whipping a footless man because he’s not running fast enough.


I ordered a pizza.

I don’t think the guy understood how to get here.

Is it free if it’s 5 years late?


Dancing Prime Minister
Dancing Chancellor of the Exchequer
Dancing Lord Privy Seal
-ABBA explores dance vis-a-vis constitutional monarchies


I am in my truest form when the food comes at a restaurant and I side-eye plates, suspicious that everyone got more fries than I did.


Why aren’t more people mating with scientists? It’s like they don’t even want to bring dinosaurs back.