Just realized I haven’t fed my imaginary friends since a tea party when I was 6 so they’re all dead now.

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I’m not only the woman your Mother warned you about, I’m the one your Father highly recommended.


[fight scene – me and a murderer kick a gun across the room and grapple for it]

me: [reaching under couch] shit

murderer: let me try i have longer arms

me: you do not

murderer: do too. stand up

[we measure arm length]

me: wow

murderer: yeah i got like a 6’3” wingspan


I’m sick and I’m going to work today; so if there’s some kind of Contagion-level outbreak, I’m your patient-zero.


Bent a spoon with my mind…
Actually I dropped it into the garbage disposal.
But it was my mind that let that happen.


-What are you in for?
-Rape, murder. You?
-I invented web ads that make you wait to skip past them.
-[backing away] That’s messed up.


Sub-Zero: Ok fine

Scorpion: Give me a hug

Sub-Zero: Umm no..



[first date questions]

You like meat? I make killer beef jerky with leftover hobo carcasses…and she’s gone

Whatever she’s probably vegan


Not sure if you’ll like golf? Walk on a treadmill for four hours under a sun lamp then throw away $75 when you’re done.


I don’t know squat about bitcoin but with so many crypto experts following me, you’d think I had invented it.