Me: “Did you hit your little sister?”

3-year-old: “No, the ball did.”

Me: “Did you throw the ball?”

3: “No, my bat did.”

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Me: When I was lying in bed, I found this huge lump. I need it removed.

Doctor: Ma’am, that’s your husband.

Me: And your point is…?


Get a hair cut, run away without paying. They can’t chase you because they’re holding scissors. The perfect crime.


[Listening to Hungry Like the Wolf]
10yo: When did this come out?
Me: Hmm…’82?
10: 19 or 18?


Post natal depression is a serious condition. I’m 38 years old and my mum still bursts into tears every time she sees me.


NASA : we were wrong , there ARE 9 planets in the Solar System

PLUTO: I’m back, baby!

NASA: because we found a new one!



I can’t wait till I have kids so I can drive slowly past McDonalds and tell them there’s food at home when they ask for some..


I just cleaned out my purse. So, I’ll be having a garage sale later this afternoon.