Me: GD potholes

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ME: You should always say no to drugs.
SON: Okay.
ME: Let’s practise. Do you want this drug?
SON: No, two drugs.


ME: my ideal first date? well to me it dosent matter wat we do as long as we share a conection
JOB INTERVIEWER: i meant how soon can u start


*signing divorce papers*

Client, “Thank God that’s over.”
Me, “Yes, divorce is stressful.”
Client, “No. The process was fine. I’m just glad the marriage is over.”
Me, “I’m glad you aren’t crying. Here’s your bill.”
Client *bursts into tears*


Client – is your boss available

Receptionist – he’s currently una –

Me – he’s been in the bathroom for almost 20 damn minutes


Grease (1978, musical)
A highschool girl wins happiness and the acceptance of her peers by changing who she is and taking up smoking.


Moses: Thanks for the mana in the desert.

God: No problem.

Moses: But since you can make anything-



Of all the millions and trillions of literary devices, hyperbole is my favorite.


My daughter gave me a tiny leaf as a present three days ago and now she wants to know where it is. Pray for me


I suffer from premature procrastination. It’s when you procrastinate before even receiving a task…