me: they recommend to relieve stress to walk away from your desk to take a walk

boss: ok but you’ve been gone for 4 days

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Once, I got pulled over because a cop thought my car was on fire but really it was just my hair flying out the sunroof.


[Entering Building As A Guy Leaves]

Me: It’s muggy out there.

Guy: I’ll be fine.

*guy is beaten & robbed immediately.

M: Told you.


*Giant boulder slowly crushes several hundred cats*
Guy who’s about to invent the bagpipes: Hey, this gives me an idea!


Watched a nature documentary with my daughter and as the hungry polar bear approached the abandoned seal pup she said, “Oh, good, the polar bear is going to help her!” and sometimes I really wish I saw the world like a 12 y/o.


People on Facebook really lose their shit when you comment on their hospital check ins with ‘Glad you’re not too sick to post your status’


If you say liberry instead of library, we can definitely be friends because I will always feel like the smart friend


What are people in motels doing that they need such a steady and reliable source of ice?


Maybe Aliens don’t visit us because they’re all women and they want us to make the first move.


Lois Lane unexpectedly comes to visit Clark Kent but he can’t find his glasses so he has to stick his face in a pie like Mrs. Doubtfire.