My daughter and I decided to play Monopoly, and we’ve been arguing about the rules for the last hour.

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Homeless man: Spare some change for a cup of coffee?

Me: *Bends down to eye level* You don’t look anything like a cup of coffee


Saw a big girl wearing really short, shredded denim shorts. I’m going to assume those were jeans before she hulked out.


I took away my 5 year-old’s iPad as he was somewhat uncouth during dinner last night, and now he is walking around the house yelling “Siri, tell me where you are!”


*stares into wormhole*
Whoa man, cool.
*gets slapped by worm*
*worm wiggles away*


I always try to compliment people, even if it’s just, “Wow, I’ve never seen clothes worn like that before.” or “You have a dope overbite.”


*first date*

Her: So what animal would you be?

Me: Oh a cat for sure!

Her: Aw cute!

(Later that night)

Me: *stood next to a closed door screaming at the top of my lungs*

Her: …Ok considerably less cute.


[Barnes and Noble]
CASHIER: anything else?
ME: four barns and your finest noble please
CASHIER: get out


CNN got really excited about the #TransAsia plane until they found out it’s not missing so now they don’t care.


[firemen meeting]
if we had a pole instead of stairs, we could get to the trucks much quicker
*from back*
“why dont we just sit downstairs?”