My kids have eaten one bite out of everything in our refrigerator today.

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You can’t trust the mainstream media, that’s why I get all my news from the giant in my dreams


“There’s a clown hanging over you.”

“You mean cloud.”

“I wish I did.”



I have decided to stop exercising and just learn Photoshop.



“don’t let her know ur from twitter”

Her: whats wrong?

Me: This fork only has 3 prongs

Her: So?

Me: it should be called a threek


I was thinking about homeschooling my son next year but he just went into great detail about how mosquitoes use our blood to make honey so I should probably let someone else help out


ROBIN: How come you wear dark colors but make me wear a bright yellow cape?

BATMAN: [under his breath] It’s called a bullet magnet.

ROBIN: What?



To the woman a booth over who said “There’s nothing worse than cold toast!”

I want your life.


To save money, instead of going to the club, I just get drunk at home and yell “what?” into a mirror over and over.