My son asked me how diarrhea fits into God’s plan for us and I don’t think we’re going back to church anymore.

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Who needs to watch the #SOTU when I can just read my TL? Here’s what I’ve learned so far: John Boehner is still orange.


Doc I keep throwing up

Did u eat anything odd lately


What about that bottle youre holding labelled “lizard juice”

You said eat, idiot


i meant to text, “i’m a hopeless romantic”, but auto correct changed it to, “i’m a homeless romantic”, which confirms auto correct knows me better than i know myself


Worst reasons to wake up to a strange voice at 3am:

1. home intruder
2. haunting
3. bluetooth speaker lady complaining she wants more power


[dropping kids off at school]
ME: Ok, learn a lot today
KIDS: But school doesn’t start for another week
ME: *speeding off* GOOD LUCK


Top 3 questions asked by my parents:

3) How’s the business?

2) Do you have a girlfriend?

1) Why are you stealing from our refrigerator?


Her: If your goal was to piss me off today then congratulations

Me: That’s ridiculous. My goal was just to be congratulated for something.


The best revenge is living well. Starting after you murder the person who wronged you.


GIRL: There are these two black holes that collided & released more energy than a trillion stars
ME: Damn that sucks. I would never do that