Niagara Falls
Me: “OMG are you okay?! That was a bad one!”

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This documentary says Barbie has had over 300 illustrious careers. And only one boyfriend.

You can just call me Opposite Barbie.


I really dislike my CW, so everyday I steal a Kleenex from her desk. In about 500 days, she’s gonna be pissed.


Newton’s daughter had dem apple fallin genes, boots with the fur


[marriage counseling]

She thinks I make bad decisions

“He hired a clown for my nana’s funeral”



Mom: So, do you have someone special in your life?

Me: Define “someone”

Mom: You know, a boyfriend.

Me: Define “boyfriend”


Whenever I’m alone, I like to dig a hole in my backyard, remove all my clothes, go inside that hole and pretend that I’m a carrot.