Now she’s falling asleep, and I’m calling a crab.

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Any wife can be a trophy wife if you bring her to a Taxidermist.


Remember, ladies, when you’re taking those selfies, the camera adds like 10 cats.


“Oh, look! She’s drinking vodka, let’s kill her!” – Spiral staircases


Me: You ate radishes.

Friend: How can you tell?

Me: You’re burping them.

F: They were really good radishes.

Me: Not from where I’m standing.


Best Buy: What’s your street name? Me: FUNK MASTER FERG bia bia! Best Buy: No, the name of your street.


“OMG! We broke up years ago. Which was, like, 100% your choice. And I’m still the first thing you talk about. To. Like. Everyone.”
— Gluten


I love therapy sessions because I get to cry for an hour. It usually freaks out my patient, though


My hips don’t lie. The bastards run around telling everybody how much I like donuts.