One of my personalities goes to the grocery store and buys healthy food…

Now, I can’t find anything to eat in the fridge.

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FAKE BREEDS I’VE TOLD PEOPLE MY DOG IS AT THE DOG PARK: Venetian Dabney, Brown Feta, Waxbeard, Oxnard Pike, Blue Hustler, High Presbyterian


You’ll never say “wrong hole” more often than when you’re trying to help a toddler put on gloves.


One of the worst parts of the pandemic was, without a doubt, when celebrities checked in to tell us how difficult their lives have been having to quarantine inside their mansions.


It’s all about how much devastation you can leave in your wake.



Condom commercials should just be 30 seconds of crying babies shitting and vomiting all over themselves.


One of Jesus’ most impressive accomplishments was being 33 years old and still having 12 really close friends.


What if your dog speaks French and this whole time has been asking you for some beef?


Statistics show that the average person has sex 89 times a year….looks like I’m in for a flipping wild December


me: I pour my blood, sweat, and tears into every dish

health inspector: so you see why this is happening