Me: I need 50 packets of condoms
Pharmacist: Somebody has a busy weekend!
*I wink*
*cut to me making raincoats for my pet snakes*

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If you ever find yourself drowning in a pool of egg whites and sugar, simply keep thrashing until you’re resting comfortably on a pillow of meringue.


First Obama came for my guns. Then he came for my knives. Then he came for my dinette set. Then he redecorated the whole place. It’s lovely.


I hate corporate lingo. Stuff like “core competency” or “design out the problem” or “I’m gonna need you to go ahead and do some work today”


The only thing worse than finding a hair in your food is realizing that the person who prepared it has a bald head.


I always say I’ll sleep when I’m dead, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still find a way to stay up late.


Everyone is freaking out because I brought my own gavel to court, no one knows if I’m allowed to do this, the judge is crying


Surgeon: I need someone to unroll this bandage, stat!
Cat nurse, excitedly: I’ve got this.


Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against ur religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because ur on a diet.