Picture this. You’re blind folded. Sandra Bullock tells you not to look. You look. You’re surrounded by garbage and dirty socks. But how can this be? It smells amazing? This is a febreeze commercial.

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Throw it against the wall and see if it sticks: good advice for cooks, great advice for Spiderman’s taxidermist.


Batman: Why are you carrying a crystal ball and tarot cards?
Robin: You said I could be your psychic.
Batman: Sidekick. SIDEKICK.
Robin: Oh, that makes much more sense.


My daughter refuses to play with her Ouija Board anymore because every time we play, it spells out CLEAN YOUR ROOM.


if she doesn’t reciprocate ur first “i love u”, press ur finger to ur strategically placed bluetooth & say “oh cool u love me too? nice”


Creature from outer space tries to elude financial officer who wants his money back.

– Alien Vs Creditor.


Imagine if Iron Man could do whatever an iron can. 🎶 Flattens shirts, with his heat. Gives your slacks a nifty pleat. 🎶


My grandma married 2 men named Grover. I think she just had a thing for the name Grover, because she also married 2 women named Grover


If you laugh at a kid’s joke that kid will tell the exact same joke at slightly louder volumes 8,000 times in a row.


[ping pong]

ME: 3 to 2, my serve
M: can I have the ba-
J: the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve
M: [exhales] every time