*pretends to throw ball*
*dog runs to chase it*
Ha, stupid dog.
*dog keeps running, disappears over horizon*
*dog tackles me from behind*

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Good news: Your wit is really mind-blowing
Bad news: It’s not my mind that I want blown


Sorry I started scratching your bug bite as I asked if it still itches.


if your religion infringes on people’s rights; sorry, you’ve had hundreds of years to change everyone’s mind- obviously that hasn’t happened


Me: I love you
Husband: I love you, too
Me: Please remember that when you get the January Amex bill


I just spent ten minutes waving back to a guy in a storefront window before I realized he was just cleaning the glass.


The best blowjob I’ve ever had cost me $27.25. She wasn’t a hooker or anything, but her kids kept making me put money in their swear jar.


They say you shouldn’t eat right before bed so now I just wait until I’m in bed.