reduce, reuse, recycle

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[texting friend]

me: my wife and I had an argument and she just started texting her mom, is that bad

friend: oh man

me: now she’s texting my mom

friend: OH MAN


COP: Is this man bothering you ma’am?

ME: She’s my wife

MY WIFE: [mouthing and nodding yes behind me]


6yo: Newton discovered gravy

Me: gravity, he discovered gravity.

6yo: what’s that?

Me: it’s what stops you floating off into space

6yo: *sadly* he should have stuck with the gravy


People love Count Chocula and Frankenberry, but I can’t get anyone to try Night of the Lemon Dead or Texas Chainsaw Massacrunch.


Me: This is a picture of my aunt Marge… Rest in peace.
Friend: I’m so sorry for your loss.
Me: Oh, she’s not dead, she’s just really lazy.


Me: ” I’m gonna wrap my bear legs around your head”
Him: ” You mean bare?”
*Me looking at my untouched razor*


People often say things in the heat of anger that in hindsight they regret not accompanying with a punch in the face.


If he says “you’re 1 in a million” it means he either has no knowledge of the world population or he thinks there are 7000 people like you


Doctor’s receptionist: Reason for your visit?

Me [covered in roofing material]: I have shingles.


I saw a man running and started to panic that there was a fire or a bear and then I remembered that some people just do that.