RIP to the iPod. Kids today will never know the glory of having these all listed as different artists

Death Cab for Cutie
Death cab for cutie
Death Cab For Cutie
Death Cab for Cu…

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ME: ugh turn this off, I hate depressing movies

GOD: This is your life flashing before your eyes

ME: Put Ratatouille on


doctor: here’s your x-ray
me: ew I look ugly in this one delete it take another


my mom said she fed the cutest black and white squirrel today. my sister checked the ring camera, it was a literal skunk


completely misunderstood pride month. who wants to buy 15 lions


Careful…I’ve already had our entire fight in my head and it doesn’t end well for you.


Mermaids: Can’t live with them, can’t beat them in a potato sack race.


Remember when all bombs looked like a black bowling ball with a giant wick in the top? Yep, simpler times.


My son just asked what erectile dysfunction is so I told him it’s when your anaconda don’t want none regardless of the presence of buns.