Spice up grocery lists for your partner:

Im so thirsty- juice
Make my mop wet- shampoo
I only moo for you- you get the idea

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[quickly jumps into the back of a cab]
ME: How far will this get me? *i hand the driver 14 peanut m&ms with the chocolate sucked off*


Fifth Third Bank? I don’t think you understand how to number things, which is something I generally look for in a bank.


JOSEPH: who did you name me after?
ME: you were named after my grandfather
GREGGNOG: what about me dad?


We will require you to do something somewhat onerous and time-comsuming and then introduce impediments to completing it.

– my employer


Shout out to countless marine organisms who died, accreted on the seafloor, and compacted for eons so I could drive my Escalade to Kmart.


*pretends floor is lava*

*looks around*

*slyly pushes homework onto the floor*


did you get the job?
“i don’t know yet”
when will they tell you?
interviewer: “keith can you please ask your mum to wait in reception”


“I have a particular set of spills,” Liam Neeson says, eyeing his soiled shirt.
He looks for a napkin but the last one’s already been Taken.


My roommate got drunk and called a research station in Antarctica on my landline in 2001. When I called the phone company to see what the damage was for the hour-long call, there was a long pause before the customer service person asked, “And what country is that in?”


Directions on tooth whitener say avoid coffee, red wine and cola. If I could do that, why would I need whitener?