the sandworm from dune has arrived on the red carpet

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*Do not consume if seal is broken*

I’ve just gone through this whole box of animal crackers and haven’t found one seal.


Sick of people calling me “The Jigsaw Killer.” Sure, I kill people. I also like jigsaw puzzles. But those two things don’t define me


Apparently, starting an impromptu game of leap frog with somebody bending over to tie their shoe is considered rude.

Church is boring.


Matthew 28, John 20. Luke 24, Mark 21. That means Matthew and Luke will meet in the finals.


Whenever I hear a lady in the next stall trying to unwrap a tampon as quietly as possible I yell, “HEY, IS THAT CANDY? CAN I HAVE SOME?”


Bad Tweet? Just add Tequila!

Bad sex? Just add Tequila!

Bad day? Just add Tequila!

Bad driving? Just add Tequila… Wait, no. Maybe no.


Texts delivered by Bluetooth right to your wrist? Not on my watch.


Marriage means commitment. So does insanity.



Drunk Draft Folder Contents:

“Trees. LOL.”
“I was born once. Pickles.”
“Spice Girls”
“Toes. Are on my feet. Both feet. Not just one.”