This flower shop also sells shirts at the front counter but the display is so large that you can’t see the florist for the T’s.

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My kid threatened to hold her breath until I gave her dessert. She’s now passed out on the kitchen floor. I don’t negotiate with terrorists.


I love going to Costco and pretending like I’ve never tried the food they’re sampling, like what’s an “Oreo”


Brad Pitt: Doc, did you ever see my movie “Seven” with me and Morgurt Freeman?
Doctor: I think you mean Morgan
Brad: Sorry, Morgurt Morgan


Double cheeseburgers don’t make you fat, eating them does.


I’m fresh out of hopes and dreams. Can I interest you in despair and disappointments?


Statistics show that the average person has sex 89 times a year….looks like I’m in for a flipping wild December


In terms of spelling difficulty, I think the word “average” is between easy and hard.


Guy on SportsCenter just said Tiger Woods is “swinging a mean stick”, so look out, ladies. He’s back.


They named it Galaxy Note because when you take this thing out of your pocket, the entire Galaxy can note that it’s been taken out.


Mom: Wanna help gift rap?
Me: In West Philadelphia born and raised on the playgro– oh you mean WRAP? Nah homegirl you’re on your own.