Turns out hanging out in sewers eating pizza and practicing karate will not make me an honorary ninja turtle..

Now I just smell like shit

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*gets to heaven*
*sees furries everywhere*
Me: What the…
Jeebus: Hell hath no furry, man
*laughs, puts on giraffe costume*


Homeless dude asked me for $10. Thought it was greedy but realized that we were standing outside Whole Foods. Totally legitimate request.


This ATM has just charged me £2 for a transaction but told me to cover my PIN to prevent from being robbed.

Pretty ironic if you ask me.


*Good Will Hunting*

Professor: are you the janitor who’s been solving the math equations?

me: [writing ‘80085’ on every chalkboard] yes?


Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re all horrible sinners and you’re going to hell.


So my wife discovered I keep writing “please help me” in the memo line of all my personal checks and now I’m not allowed to have checks.


wife: Why was that guy yelling at you?
[flashback to me ignoring the “one per customer” sign]
me [with a mouthful of cheese samples] No idea



“How would you describe your people skills?”

ME: I tend to drive others away.

“That’s great! Welcome to Uber.”


The red haired guy in the bakery
doesn’t like being called…
‘The Ginger Bread Man’

*lesson learned