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How to remove your tweet from

We always publish tweets that are in the public domain, tweets that anyone can see and submit to our site and is done so in good spirit to promote humor. We always notify you via Twitter when we publish a tweet of yours for the first time and we retweet you the subsequent times. However, if you are not comfortable having your tweets published in our site, we’ll remove it post haste. We take your privacy concerns seriously and in order to avoid accidentally publishing your tweets in the future, we will also add you to our Do Not Publish database.

To remove a tweet that has already been published, please contact us via @thefunnytweeter, use the same account with which you posted the tweet in Twitter, this is so that we know  it is you and not someone claiming to be you. We will always reply to your tweets and we will remove any tweet(s) in question as soon as possible.

Stolen Tweets

Not everyone is original in Twitter.  Good tweets are often re-posted by several accounts. Unfortunately, we can’t verify the authenticity of every tweet that is submitted to us, so in case we publish a re-posted tweet, that was yours originally, you can always notify us via @thefunnytweeter, give us a link to your original tweet and we will replace (or remove if you wish to) the stolen tweet with the original one.

You can read our privacy policy here.