“What’s up, doc?” says Bugs Bunny. “Not you,” laughs the doctor. “Take these little blue pills.”
*Looney Tunes music plays*

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You gotta Snapchat, dm, and text your girl all @ the same time. That way if you piss her off in 1 convo, you still have two lives left.


Brought a ninja to a gunfight and it was really cool. Everyone clapped. Then they shot him.


I love raking all the leaves in my yard into a big pile then running really fast and jumping to conclusions when people don’t text me back.


It’s amusing when people wave back at me on hiking trails when all I’m really doing is swatting away flies.


The five years of life you gain by eating healthy are spent preparing healthy food.


The faster the ponytail bounces the more purposeful the woman walking


Yeah I do yoga.

Ninja Yoga.

I’m so good at it, you won’t even see me there.


Meatloaf was so named because of his incredible likeness to his father, Meatlo.