Whenever my husband “puts something away” I’m always suspect. I mean, it’s not as if he really knows where anything goes.

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The average lifespan of a cheesecake in my house is about 2.5 hours.


mafia boss: “i want you to send tony the rat a message”
me: “like what”
mafia boss: “a horses head or sumthin”
me: [sends txt: “hey tony 🐴”]


I’ve been listening to the official workout station on Pandora for 3 months and I’m still fat, I’m calling bullshit.


I say, “Hi, friend,” to every animal I see, every time I see one, so they know I’m not their enemy, even to my own pets & it lessens my chances of being attacked.

Therapist: *pinching bridge of nose* I don’t charge enough an hour for this.

Me: *sees his fish tank* “Hi, friend.”


[inserting row in excel]

Excel: copy font format from the row above?

Me: no I’ll handle it

Excel: and copy border from below?

Me: no why?

Excel: idk :/

Me: *typing number* w-why did you make 31,320 a date?

Excel: it’s my birthday 🙂


[2 Humans who definitely aren’t lizard people at Denny’s]
1: I sure am glad they don’t have newt brain on the menu
2: Right on, fellow human


Cement your reputation as the office Romeo by committing suicide over an underage girl you’ve been seeing for less than a week.


There are two types of people in this world.
1. People who have a favourite brand of water.
2. People I don’t want to kill.